Smart Home Wi-Fi Lawn Sprinkler Systems 

Get One Step Closer to a Fully Automated Smart Home

The dream of the Jetson’s lifestyle is quickly becoming our reality with smart home automation tools, like automated lighting and our friendly pal, Alexa. These days there’s no need to even lift a finger to put a demand into action with voice-controlled technology.

Why bother wrangling the hose and manual sprinkler when you can control your home irrigation system with the click of a button on your mobile phone? Got Wi-Fi? Great, you’re one step closer to an automated home irrigation system.

Get ready to save time and water with the Hydrawise Wi-Fi irrigation controller and the expert team at Pro Outdoor. We offer easy 1-day installation and we’ll upgrade your smart sprinkler for a low price, starting at $300. Your smart sprinkler system will allow you to spend more time doing what you love and less money on your water bill.

How the Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Works

Control the System With Your Phone
Wherever you are in the world, conveniently control and monitor your sprinkler system using a web browser or the Hydrawise app for iPhone and Android. Your watering schedule is at your fingertips as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

Automate Your Smart Home
The Hydrawise Wi-Fi irrigation controller brings you one step closer to smart home automation. The controller supports flow meters, rain sensors, master valves, and lighting programs all in one place.

Save Water With Predictive Watering™
The Predictive Watering™ program uses local weather data to water your lawn only when necessary. Your lawn and plants will get the optimal amount of water based on actual evaporation and rainfall in your area. You don’t even need to watch the weather forecast. 

Know Instantly If You Have a Problem
Hydrawise’s Wi-Fi sprinkler controller does more than just schedule water; it monitors the whole system. Detect faulty wiring and monitor the piping system with a flow meter before your lawn suffers. You’ll know there’s a problem before you would with a different system. 

Understand Your Irrigation System
With Hydrawise reporting, you can see at a glance how much water you’ve used and how much you’ve saved. Take the mystery out of your sprinkler system, and take control with a Hydrawise Wi-Fi irrigation controller. 

Maintain Your Wi-Fi Controller System with Our Exclusive Support Team

With a non-Wi-Fi enabled controller, you would have to call a crew twice a year to reset the controller for the new season. If the power went out, you’d need to reset it again. That’s a lot of service calls for our customers to pay for. With the Hydrawise Wi-Fi controller, our team can manage the system remotely and you can control it with the app on your phone.If there is a problem with your Hunter Wi-Fi irrigation controller, our team can fix the issue quickly and efficiently without having to pay a service call, and your irrigation system can get back up and running faster.

What You Get When You Hire Pro Outdoor

5-Star Customer Service
Our 5-Star Experience means we make sure to always deliver what we promise, communicate effectively, and be courteous with your time from the first phone call through installation. 

You will get our best sprinkler system at a price that works for you with our secure financing plans, with approved credit. 

Pro Outdoor offers the latest technology so that your new sprinkler system will improve your life and your lawn – and not water it down.

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