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Yes, it’s true. One day. One crew. One-time installations.

We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t mean it. We’re already the leader in both St. Louis and St. Charles counties for your residential and commercial irrigation needs. We are expanding rapidly throughout the Midwest for a reason that is as simple as it is powerful: we only use the best parts and hire and train professionals who can live up to our name.

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Here at Pro Outdoor, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality irrigation services along with the best products available. We offer the quality and efficient sprinkler system maintenance that you should expect from a professional company like ours.

Let the pros at Pro Outdoor help you make the best choice for your lawn and landscape. We’re here to give you all the information, support and time you need to make an informed decision on the irrigation system that’s right for you.

Spring Activation

Checking the performance of your sprinkler system in the spring ensures that it is protected from damage that might have been caused over the cold winter months, such as breaks and leaks caused by ice.

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Fall Winterization

Just because the summer is winding down and the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean it’s time to stop caring for your yard. Now is the perfect time to get your irrigation system ready for the winter to take advantage of the full benefits of having your system next season.

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Mid Season Tune-Up

Maximize your sprinkler system’s performance with a Mid-Season Sprinkler Tune-Up. Our mid-summer service appointment includes a thorough sprinkler check to make sure your system is running at optimal performance.

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Backflow Preventer Testing

There are many toxic chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides, as well as manure and other contaminants that can become a real health hazard if they should enter the water supply. To make sure this never happens, we provide our customers with an irrigation backflow preventer test.

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Meet Our Team

Dedicated professionals. All of us here at Professional Irrigations Systems promise to continue providing the same great professional service that our customers have come to expect. From management to technicians, Pro Outdoor’ employees have more than 20+ years of experience helping the St. Louis area get their lawns back to being beautiful.

Tim Thornhill

Residential Project Manager

Expert at coordinating the ideas and needs into every property. Works closely with every installer to make sure the proper customization is executed and delivered without flaw.

Sandy Wissbaum

Customer Service Manager

Manager of customer service and leads the team of representatives ensuring that the luxury, white glove service, is always provided. Customer satisfaction is top priority – from the first contact through the completion of any request.

Barry Evans

Grounds Care Manager

Supervisor of the fertilization team, scheduling application appointments and overseeing quality control on properties. Certified arborist and applicator as well as an expert in turfgrass health. Incredibly knowledgeable with years of golf course and commercial property management,


Find our what our customers are saying about Pro Outdoor. We’re here to provide the best customer service experience to all of our current and potential new customers. Let’s get connected!

When my system was scheduled to be turned on, I found out the backflow device had to be replaced (leaking, etc). They gave me an estimate on the spot and were able to change it right away. Told the tech I would like to get some other estimates first.Well, that was wasted time since the others were as much as 25% more. Called them back to schedule, and they were back within the week! My system was up and running in just a couple hours.Thank you, Adam Powers, for such great service! Adam answered a lot of questions I had and was absolutely thorough when starting it back up. He adjusted (and corrected) all the sprinkler heads and went through the programming with me.I highly recommend Professional Irrigation!
Gerald Bergmann
Gerald Bergmann
15:38 06 Jul 23
Another great experience with Professional Irrigation. We've used them a few years now, after trying to save money going with another company (since closed). I'm always notified of appointments in advance, work is great, techs who come out have always been skilled and informative. I had Tyler today who provided me with options to fix a sensor, I went with purchasing a new one to ensure there were no issues since I know the company backs up their work. Wish all companies did what they said like Professional Irrigation. Thanks!
Rich Gebhardt
Rich Gebhardt
18:18 16 Aug 22
Technician found several issues with system and fixed them within 30 minutes.
Jeff Ellis
Jeff Ellis
02:11 24 May 22
Even though they did hit my Internet lines they made it right and gave me next seasons open/close for free. The install was amazing and only needed a couple adjustments on the spray pattern after.
03:41 13 Oct 22
Jaiden was amazing! He was really nice and informative. This is my second irrigation company I’ve worked with and by far the best! I will be requesting him next time I have work done.
chaz Williams
chaz Williams
21:04 13 Jun 22
Doug was very professional, friendly, and helpful. He came to start up our irrigation system and found our backflow was leaking. He repaired it on the spot. We were also having some issues with a couple of our zones and he took his time to figure out what was wrong. Much better service than the previous company we were using. Would definitely recommend.
Alysia Townsend
Alysia Townsend
14:10 03 Jun 22
Added an irrigation system to a 50 year old home. The irrigation system was installed in April but I waited until now to post my review so I could evaluate all aspects of their company. I researched companies and invited my top three choices to bid for the job. Pro Irrigation wasn’t the least expensive but their bid was in my reasonable price range. I am impressed with the professionalism of the three main customer facing aspects of their business, sales, installation, and service. I appreciated their commitment to complete the installation in one day. After the recent service call, I have the system that I wanted that covers my entire lawn (front, back, and sides) and all the flower beds. I like the Wi-Fi enabled controller that I’m able to manage with my smartphone. No more lugging hoses around my very large yard or hand watering all the plants.
John K
John K
11:45 13 Jun 23
I recently used Professional Irrigation Systems to install a system at my house in O'Fallon, MO. I live on a quarter acre lot (pretty standard for homes in the area). I went with their platinum package and the wifi controller. I highly recommend the wifi controller. For the cost, its worth the functionality and control. I also got an add on to extend a couple of down spouts away from my house.I got a few quotes and while some were slightly cheaper and others a bit more, I liked the reputation and service other reviewers recommended. Several people in my neighborhood have a system done by them and their lawns look good, so that's how I end up choosing them.Pros:1. Single day, professional installation2. Programming set up (if you use wifi controller) with training3. Fixed any errors quickly (I wanted the back 2 down spouts extended, they did the front 2. When I brought it to their attention, they came back and installed the 2 I had requested initially and didn't charge me for the 2 that were mistakenly done)4. Set up sprinkler adjustments to water where I wanted to water5. Responsive Sales Team6. 0% interest offer (through Wells Fargo based on credit score)7. $500 off Hunter Irrigation when I purchasedCons:1. Cost can be a bit higher, but in my experience, you pay for quality.2. Installed down spouts on wrong corners (but they fixed it at their cost and now I have 4 corners covered instead of 2)3. Project was utility flagged 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the work. This was a pain to mow around (especially in a riding mower).4. Did not communicate when team was going to come out to extend the correct downspouts (didn't realize it until I heard them working outside)So overall, how they corrected the error, the financing/discount available, and the general level of quality work and functional utility, I can't dock a full star. I'd say 4.5 if that was an option (mainly for communication about the follow up and the early utility flagging making it hard to mow) as it is, 5 stars (rounded up). I will likely use them for yearly service, but will do due diligence as always.
Michael Hancock
Michael Hancock
21:05 01 Aug 22
Professional Irrigation Lawn Service performed our lawn aeration, overseeding, and application of a top dressing yesterday. The two young men were very proficient when performing all of the services and carefully avoided irrigation heads when aerating. I was particularly impressed to see them apply top dressing by hand when they were close to hardscape. That’s what I call “attention to detail.” Upon completion they used a blower to clean up top dressing and any seed from all areas. Last but certainly not least, Sierra in the office was such a delight to deal with. Polite, respectful, and always going the extra step to put the customer first. Having spent over 25 years working for the Army I quickly recognized a well trained veteran, probably a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). She even called us just before departing on Friday to tell us the lawn service would be performed on Monday. Kudos to Professional Irrigation for a job well done!
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw
18:49 04 Oct 22

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