Commercial Sprinkler Systems

Investing in the right commercial sprinkler system and having it built to your specifications can save you time and money. It will also enhance a professional appearance that is important for business success.

Most commercial property owners use excessive amounts of water to keep their turf and landscape green and fresh, costing them more money than necessary. A commercial sprinkler system offers accurate and efficient spray zones for effective water management.

An underground sprinkler system helps conserve water usage, which means the savings clearly outweigh the initial costs and will pay for itself sooner than you think.

Pro Outdoor have installed Commercial Sprinkler Systems throughout the region for a more beautiful and professional appearance around:

  • Barathaven in O’Fallon, MO
  • Ellington in St. Peters, MO
  • Villas at Providence in O’Fallon, MO
  • Hollowbrook in St. Charles, MO

  • Reinsurance Group of America in Chesterfield, MO
  • Express Scripts in Berkeley, MO
  • Russell Stover in Manchester, MO
  • Wentzville Aquatic Center
  • Shriners Hospital in St. Louis, MO

  • QuikTrip throughout St. Louis
  • Goodwill throughout St. Louis
  • CVS Pharmacy throughout St. Louis
  • White Castles throughout St. Louis

  • St. Louis Arch Federal Monument
  • Saint Louis Zoo Expansion
  • Chouteau Park
  • Sunset Hills Dog Park
  • Chesterfield Amphitheater and Linear Park
  • Francis Howell High School Athletic Complex
  • Wentzville Liberty High School Athletic Complex
  • Jefferson Barracks Military Post

  • University of Missouri Columbia in Columbia, MO
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Maryville University in Chesterfield, MO
  • Visitation Academy in Town & Country, MO
  • University of Missouri in Columbia, MO
  • Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO
  • University of Missouri Science and Technology in Rolla, MO

  • Dardenne Prairie City Hall
  • St. Charles Jaycee Park

Why Harvest Rain Water?

Rain Water Harvesting refers to the collection and storage of rain. The collected water can then be stored and used for irrigating lawns. Rain Water Harvesting can range from a simple barrel at the bottom of a downspout to multiple tanks hooked up with pumps and electronic controls.

While we think of St. Louis and St. Charles as living in rainy climates, recent drought conditions throughout Missouri and Illinois remind us how precious water really is.

Rain Water Harvesting is also effective in reducing water runoff pollution from storms. Rain is clean when it falls, but immediately picks up pollutants from the ground and pavement. This pollution is then carried into storm drains, which lead into streams.

By taking advantage of the rain water from rooftops and directing it to storage tanks, Rain Water Harvesting is a big help to ensuring a sustainable environment for all of us and a lower sewer bill for you.

We can create a Rain Water Harvesting solution that’s ideal for your commercial site. Call the pros at Pro Outdoor at (636) 692-4441.

What is an ET Based Irrigation System?

Saving water while maintaining a healthy landscape is even more attainable than ever. Most commercial property owners are using excessive amounts of water to keep their turf and landscape green and fresh, which consequently costs more money in the long run.

Taking key weather data and combining it with basic site and commercial sprinkler irrigation system information, we are now able to calculate the exact amount of water you need to irrigate your landscape, saving you money and time from potentially over-watering.

If you’re interested in an ET-based irrigation system for your commercial property contact the pros at Pro Outdoor to learn how the latest equipment like the Solar Sync controller can help you move beyond conventional timers, controllers and clocks for better water- and cost-management. Call (636) 692-4441.

Hunter® Solar Sync Controller

Make your commercial sprinkler system work more efficiently. Hunter controllers can help you save from 20- to 50-percent more water, while virtually eliminating runoff. Each controller brings together the latest irrigation science, along with the top-of-the-line Solar Sync monitors, for a solution that maximizes your landscape’s beauty while saving precious amounts of water.

Benefits of a Commercial Sprinkler System:

A beautiful and properly maintained landscape can have positive effects that are economical, environmental and on quality of lifestyle:

  • Promotes a professional appearance
  • Plants, trees, shrubs, grass and turf remain strong and healthy
  • Numerous studies have revealed that maintaining a high-quality landscape appearance can help increase property value
  • Employees who view and experience natural landscape at work get much better job and life satisfaction

Like You, We Also Know the Importance of Professional, Courteous Service

The pros at Pro Outdoor make sure the property stays clean during the entire irrigation system installation. We will guide you through the entire irrigation sprinkler system process so you can effectively manage your commercial landscape responsibilities while staying on budget.

Call Pro Outdoor today to learn how irrigation sprinkler systems can help improve the appearance of your commercial properties. (636) 692-4441.

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