Let Us Get You Up and Going This Spring

Checking the performance of your sprinkler system in the spring ensures that it is protected from damage that might have been caused over the cold winter months, such as breaks and leaks caused by ice.

To fully protect your irrigation system, we offer a spring sprinkler system activation plan to make sure your sprinkler system is safe and fully operational. Have our trained technicians come over to your house and inspect your entire irrigation system.

We’ll come out and test every zone and every sprinkler head to make sure they are operating at full capacity in order to better manage your water supply and water bill.

Spring Sprinkler Activation Includes

Our service technicians are on hand to make sure your irrigation system activation is not only cost effective, but that it’s efficiently conserving water, too.

Along with courteous and professional service, our spring sprinkler activation procedure also covers:

  • Equipment check on all sprinkler heads, filters, valves, operating pressure, wiring and more
  • Spray zone accuracy and efficiency coverage testing
  • System mainline pressure test

Tip: March to June Is the Ideal Time for Spring Activation

You Take Care of Your Lawn. We’ll Take Care of You.

Having your sprinkler system inspected by professional technicians ensures that it will perform optimally all season long. If we find any imperfections with your sprinkler system we will take care of all necessary repairs that day.

An irrigation system is the most efficient way to ensure your yard gets the hydration it needs without over-watering. Prolong the life of your irrigation system the smart way – save time, money and water over the long haul.

That’s why we focus on you. We’ll give you all the information, support and time you need to make the best decision for your sprinkler system activation.

Listen to Your Lawn

Your lawn will tell you when to activate your sprinkler system. Lawns use a great deal of water in order to remain healthy and beautiful. Root systems need to extend deep into the soil to maximize their health and resistance to the hot heat of the summer months, so it’s important to water your lawn early in the spring in order for it to begin its development and look its best.

Here are a few things to look for when deciding whether or not your lawn is starting to need water:

  • Blades will curl and wilt
  • Lawn doesn’t “bounce back,” meaning grass will stay down longer when compressed
  • When grass is thirsty, it will begin to have a blue-gray tint

Ensure that your irrigation system is in perfect shape this spring. Contact the pros at Pro Outdoor today and ask about our Spring Sprinkler Activation service. Call (636) 692-4441.

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