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Professionally installed lawn sprinkler systems are the most efficient way to ensure the lawn you care for gets the hydration it needs to look its best, without over-watering and running up your water bill.

We design our lawn irrigation systems to maximum efficiency, so you’ll never experience any dry spots. Each lawn sprinkler installation has head-to-head coverage to ensure that every blade of grass in your lawn is being watered properly.

We’ll install and maintain your sprinkler system with a level of professional expertise you’d expect from the St. Louis area’s leading irrigation company. We call it the 5-Star Experience, and you’ll see the difference in everything we do.

Let Pro Outdoor help bring your turf back to health and keep it that way. Our five-star Google rating is just some of the proof that the lawn sprinkler installation process and customer service come highly recommended.

One Day Is All It Takes

We can install a minimally invasive irrigation system that will not just get your lawn and landscape back to health, but also maintain that level so it looks its best all season long.

Our job is much more than just lawn sprinkler installation. We always take the time to ensure you’re installing the right sprinkler system for your needs, while also educating you on how to confidently operate it.

If you ever experience a problem with our lawn irrigation systems, you can be sure it’s nothing we can’t handle. With all the time and money you’ll save, you won’t believe it only took us one day.

Sprinkler System Installation

Our one-day, minimally invasive lawn sprinkler installation services start at only $2,695

Installation – Underground Sprinkler System

Includes installing, digging and labor for the water supply lines and sprinkler heads. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. They will work with your city to acquire the necessary work permits to get the job done right and on time.

Installation Details

Surface water is one of the largest nuisances you will find when identifying drainage issues. The most obvious clue will always be the appearance of standing water that lingers for days after a rain event. Another clue to look for is the feeling of a “squishy” or saturated area of lawn. This area will often be completely soaked; meaning that a contractor will not be able to run a mower over that space, which causes labor inefficiencies. This issue would need to be addressed not only for ease of maintenance reasons, but also to eliminate a potential breeding ground for mosquitos, the prevention of fungus related issues and other potential damage.

Drainage systems, such as storm drains and sewers, are essential for preventing flooding. They work by removing excess water from the streets, homes, and businesses. without them, the rainwater would just sit on top of the ground and eventually overflow causing massive flooding.

It’s important to have a good drainage system because it helps prevent flooding and keeps water from seeping into your home or building. A good drainage system will also help keep the soil healthy by removing excess water and preventing erosion.

Surface Drainage Systems collect water that flows over the surface of the earth. It is often composed of ditches, gutters, and storm drains. Subsurface Drainage Systems collect water that has seeped below the surface of the earth. It is often composed of pipes or tiles that are buried underground. Slope drainage systems use the natural slope of the land to move water away from the buildings and structures. Downspouts and gutter system are used to collect water from roofs and direct it away from buildings.

Drainage failure is the inability of a drainage system to move water away from a property. This can lead to extensive damage to the property, and can even cause structural failures. There are many things that can cause drainage failure, including blocked or collapsed pipes, incorrect design or installation of the drainage system, and subsidence (the movement of earth).

There are a few diseases that can be caused by a blockage in the water drains. One example is cholera, which is a bacterial infection that can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting. If the water drains become blocked, it can lead to an increase in the amount of wastewater and sewage present in an area, which can then contaminate the local water supply and cause people to become ill.

Greener Days Are Just Ahead

With our one day, minimally invasive residential lawn irrigation system installation, you can be on your better to a greener, healthier yard in no time.

Find out what a sprinkler installation can do for your lawn and landscape, commercial property or multi-purpose fields and athletic fields.

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