Hunter Irrigation Systems

For three generations, Hunter Industries has been dedicated to engineering innovations that not only improve the lawn irrigation profession, but also the lawns they’re found in.

With more than 250 patents under their belt, Hunter Industries ensures that all new products and enhancements are aimed at making your job easier – and the yard more beautiful. Which is exactly why we recommend their products and parts.

Hunter Industries backs their products with their world-class, in-house technical support and customer service teams. From the manufacturing floor to the sales managers, Hunter lawn sprinkler systems set the bar high because they want to be more than a parts company, they want to be your lawn irrigation partner.

Pro Outdoor is proud to use Hunter Industries’ parts in our sprinkler systems. From spray heads to rotors, driplines to controllers, nothing delivers like the parts from Hunter Industries.

Hunter Industries Has an Impressive List of Commercial Clients

Not only is Hunter Industries’ sprinkler system brand the choice for residential installers like us, but it’s also the brand commercial irrigation system installers choose.

  • 12 National Football League Stadiums
  • 12 National Football League Training Facilities
  • 14 Major League Baseball Stadiums, including our very own Busch Stadium
  • 23 Major League Baseball Training Facilities
  • 31 Minor League Baseball Training Facilities
  • 4 Major League Soccer Stadiums
  • 46 International Professional Sport Venues

PGP Rotor: The Best-Selling Rotor In the World Since 1981

The Hunter Industries PGP rotor’s original design and impressive performance, along with the many continuous improvements and enhancements, have meant decades of unmatched durability, versatility and value.

Features and Benefits of the PGP Ultra Rotor

Each Hunter Industries PGP Ultra is easy to install and features four low-angle nozzles for efficient, more accurate coverage, as well as:

  • Through-the-top adjustment capabilities
  • Large nozzle selection
  • The industry’s most reliable and proven drive-train assembly
  • Patented non-reversing 360 – Parts and full circle in one model, 50-360 degrees
  • Non-strippable drive mechanism with auto-arc return
  • Allen headed and slotted nozzle retainer screw
  • Improved dirty-water tolerance on the internal gear drive

Hunter Industries Pro-C Controller – Convenient, Conventional, Cost-Effective

The Hunter Industries Pro-C is the cost-effective choice that helps save our customers money. Focused on economics, this controller is a simple option for fixed-station control. It can also be retrofitted in case you have different plans for the future.

Features and Benefits of the Hunter Industries Pro-C Controller:

Independent Scheduling Options
Days of the week, odd/even days, 31-day intervals

Non-Volatile Memory
No battery required for backing up programs and current date and time, excellent insurance against unreliable power

Two Levels of Superior Surge Protection
Comes with Hunter Quick Check™ self-diagnostic short circuit protection

Three Programs with Multiple Start Times
Independent programming helps handle various watering requirements

Central Control Capability
Ready to work with other Hunter water management systems

About the Software

Hydrawise cloud software is a user-friendly water management software. Each homeowner can use Predictive Watering Adjustments to achieve water savings. Hydrawise software is also a powerful tool for professional contractors to do in-depth water management for their client’s landscape, monitor piping system and valves electrical system. It is a professional cloud-based irrigation software that works for everyone.

About the Controllers

Manage this durable irrigation controller with Hydrawise web-based software from anywhere worldwide using your smart device or web browser. Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping your clients’ landscape healthy and beautiful.

5-Year Warranty

Hunter Industries PGP Rotors are not only the most reliable on the market, but now they come with an even longer warranty.

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