Dependable and Fast Emergency Sprinkler Service

Your lawn irrigation system is an important investment, as well as the lawn and landscape it helps maintain.

If your sprinkler irrigation system goes down, your lawn suffers as well. If you should need lawn sprinkler help ASAP, we’ll send a technician right away to fix the problem – no matter what type of system or parts.

Round-the-Clock Emergency Sprinkler Service

Bad things can happen to even the most cared for irrigation systems. Just in case a lawnmower accidentally clips a head, we offer a 24-hour emergency sprinkler service line in case you need help immediately. Call the emergency line at (636) 692-4441 ext. 150.

Contact the pros at Pro Outdoor if a major problem should arise with your irrigation system. Call our emergency irrigation service at (636) 692-4441 ext. 150 and we’ll have a technician to your place in no time.

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