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When people think about having a beautiful lawn often times they feel conflicted because they also want to be environmentally friendly.  Traditional methods of irrigation, by hand or sprinkler watering, often times is inefficient and wastes water, leaving our plants thirsty and the environment hurting.  However, with Pro Outdoor, we are able to maximize our water’s effectiveness, lower our environmental footprint and save some money.

The first thing a homeowner would need is to install the right kind of irrigation system. Pro Outdoor has many options depending on the size of your property, and the kind of house you have.  Conservation irrigation systems start with a rain collection feature, where rainwater is collected off your house, usually the roof top, and stored in a cistern. These systems can range from being very simple, or extremely complex.

These types of irrigation systems are especially helpful for places where water is limited or costly.  People using rainwater collection systems on average save thousands of dollars a year supplementing regular water use with collected rainwater.

Collecting rain water for irrigation systems is not only environmentally friendly because it allows us to use less water from the tap, but it is also helpful because it reduces harmful pollution runoff from rain.  Because the water is collected in a cistern, all the pollution it has picked up or could have wasted into our sever systems, is also collected.  This drastically reduces the rate of harmful runoff.

It is important when purchasing a conservation irrigation system you not only purchase a quality system, but also, you have it installed by a professional to insure the system is working properly.  You will save no time, money or water if the system is installed wrong. This is why working with Pro Outdoor is a great idea. They have the best products on the market, as well as a team of trained professionals ready to help you meet your irrigation and conservation needs.  And once your system is installed there is no need to worry because they offer services to help you with your system throughout the year.

Whether you are looking for an irrigation system for your private residence or commercial landscaping, considering a conservation irrigation system is a smart investment for your time, money and for the environment.  Check out the wide range of products and service Professional Irrigation offers its customers. You can have the beautiful lawn and garden you have always wanted, while feeling good about the environment.

About Pro Outdoor:
Professional Irrigation was established in 2001 and is based out of Lake St. Louis. For the past 19 years, Pro-Irrigation’s priority has been giving customers irrigation systems that save time, money, and water. Pro-Irrigation Systems always take the time to ensure that the best system is installed for the customer’s home. Educating customers on how there system works also makes Pro-Irrigation stand out from the competition.

In March of 2012 Professional Irrigation joined forces with Water Tech Irrigation in South County to form the best service company in the Metro St. Louis area as voted by an independent agency. Water Tech Irrigation has been in business since 1986 and is one of the most highly respected companies in the irrigation industry. For more information on Pro Outdoor, Please visit the homepage at or call (636) 692-4441.

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