Preparing for Spring Lawn Seeding

With the end of winter comes the time to re-imagine the lawn as it should be. No more leaves on the ground, no more layer of snow covering everything, and the end of weather that keeps people indoors most of the time. Spring is a time when homeowners can make their lawns as nice and enjoyable as possible to be ready for the warmer weather which will bring folks outdoors. Here are some simple tips for those looking to prepare to seed their lawn this spring in order to return it to the glory that it has had in years past.

The first step in spring lawn seeding is the clean-up and removal process. Start by clearing away any leaves, sticks, and other winter debris which has settled into the area where you would like to grow your lawn. These can and will inhibit your lawns ability to grow evenly if not removed and can have a negative aesthetic effect on the finished product. It is better to take the time to create a clean slate early on than to have to back track once a lawn has grown in that doesn’t live up to expectations.

It is important to check that the dirt beneath the existing lawn is still level now that the cold weather has ended. If there are any high or low spots within the lawn area it will cause problems during watering and irrigation later down the road. Low spots will collect water and high spots will cause problems when going over the lawn with a mower. If there are any unleveled places within the lawn it is important to grab a shovel and begin evening out the base surface. Having a solid foundation to work with will make things much easier later in the process.

It is now time to aerate the area. It is important to break up the surface of the soil so as to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass and create rich soil for its continued health. It is recommended that aeration takes place one to two times a year and during spring reseeding is one of the best times that homeowners can choose. After aeration you can add any type of fertilizer in order to enrich the soil beneath your lawn. Once this is done you are ready to lay down the seed which will become your lawn. With proper preparation this will produce a lawn that anyone would be proud of for the rest of the season and throughout the summer. Using a professional irrigation system to water the lawn will help maintain its health and aesthetic beauty.

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