3 Tips for the Perfect Lawn from Pro Outdoor

Every homeowner dreams of having a perfectly green and easy to manage lawn, but so many people give up after spending tons of time and money trying to improve their grasses quality.  The problem, generally is not working harder at it, but taking care of your lawn smarter.  Here are a few tips to get the lawn you have always dreamed of.

1. Mow Smarter

The first rule is to always mow with a sharp blade, this keeps your grass health and less prone to disease.  When you cut your grass with a blunt blade you are effectively beating up the grass, damaging it and making it more vulnerable.  When you mow you also don’t want to cut your grass too short, cutting it too short will cause it to only grow quicker and need more water, making it a more high maintenance job.  And never mow on a wet lawn; this is how bald spots are formed.

2. Irrigate Smarter

It is best to avoid overwatering a lawn.  So many people use inefficient methods to irrigate their lawn very much of the moisture ends up either evaporating, or running down the sidewalk.  Homeowners are left with high water bills and dead grass.  The secret is in the timing.   Many people choose to water during the day, or at sunset when they get off work, the key however is to water in the hour right before dawn.  This means the most cost effective, time effective and water efficient way to irrigate your lawn is to install an irrigation system.  While you need a professional to set one up for you, in the long run you will be saving money and time, while enjoying your beautiful green lawn.  For more information on your irrigation options click check out all Professional Irrigation has to offer.

3. Fertilize Smarter

The worst thing you can do for your lawn is to over fertilize it.  This will cause it to grow faster, making it more unmanageable.  We are aiming to create the perfect lawn, and means one with as little hassle as possible.  Fertilizers can also be bad for the environment, so using as little as possible, or using natural fertilizers is the best option.  When choosing a fertilizer it is best to stick with one kind, your grass will grow much more effectively if you don’t change the fertilizer all the time.

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