Lawn Thatch – Why is it Damaging to Lawns and Irrigation Systems?

According to a publication by The University of Missouri’s Brad S. Fresenburg, Division of Plant Sciences, thatch could be considered the enemy of beautiful St. Louis lawns and properly functioning irrigation systems.

For irrigation systems to work properly, thatch should be properly removed on a seasonal basis. Late summer is an ideal time to schedule thatch prevention lawn care, so that your irrigation system can be properly serviced.

Thatch, a layer of living and dead roots, crowns and lower shoots can destroy and weaken a lawn if it is not prevented or removed. If thatch is allowed to accumulate, it may cause disease-causing fungi and insects, prolong high humidity, which promotes disease, causes shallow root development, prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching soil and binds or ties up pesticides.

Thatch may develop over several years, but quality lawn care can help prevent damage. Lawns should be fertilized regularly to maintain health without excessive growth. Grass should be cut regularly with a mulching mower to avoid shocking the grass leaf tissue. Power raking, keeping thatch below ½ inch thick is recommended.

Avoid overuse of pesticides that can harm earthworms. Acting as a natural insecticide, earthworms are essential to a healthy lawn. Earthworms cannot damage irrigation systems.

For more information on lawn thatch, view the article “Thatch: Enemy of Lawns,” by Brad S. Fresenburg.

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