Responsible Water Conservation

Our goal is to help you maintain a healthy lawn, while saving as much water as possible. An irrigation system is the most effective way to ensure that the yard you work so hard to maintain gets the hydration it needs.

By only using the appropriate amount of water necessary, irrigation systems are not only cost effective, but they help to conserve water – one of our most important natural resources.

The Ideal Watering Window

The length of time is takes to cycle a sprinkler system each time it runs is referred to as a watering window. Knowing this helps determine the best time of day to water your lawn while maximizing the least amount of water.

Optimal times for conserving water happen to be between midnight and sunrise. This watering window provides water with enough time to absorb in the ground and not be lost due to evaporation.


According to the EPA, the average home loses 37 gallons of water a day due to evaporation and runoff.

A Few Ways We’re Helping Conserve Water:

Rain Water Harvesting

There are many ways to improve water conservation, and one of the more effective methods is to collect and store rain water. Using potable water for purposes like flushing toilets or irrigating landscape is a waste of a valuable resource as well as being costly.

By collecting storm water from your roof and directing it into storage tanks in the ground, you’re not only conserving water, but saving money as well.

Taking advantage of the rain water means you are helping the environment, as well as saving substantially on your water consumption.

Irrigation Audits

You might be surprised at how much water an irrigation system can save you. According to the EPA, the average home loses 37 gallons of water a day due to evaporation and runoff.

Not only does this cost you money in wasted water, but the runoff carries fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals back into the environment, and even into the region’s water table.

That’s why we provide both residential and commercial irrigation audits. We analyze your property zones in order to determine how much water your lawn actually requires. Then we carefully check your watering schedule and test your irrigation system head by head, measuring output and placement in order to see where you might be using too much water, or watering where it isn’t needed like on sidewalks and driveways.

By increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your irrigation system, the water you’re conserving turns out to be great for the environment, and the monetary savings that accompany it turns out to be great for you.

Smart Controllers

Smart controllers come with built-in water-conservation features. They are programmed to respond to the local weather conditions, which means they make automatic adjustments to optimize a sprinkler’s run time. You still get the healthy and beautiful landscape you’re looking for, while maximizing your overall water usage.

Hunter Pro-C Controller

The Hunter Pro-C is the cost-effective choice that helps conserve water and money.

  • Independent Scheduling Options
  • Programmable zone watering
  • Two Levels of Superior Surge Protection
  • Three Programs with Multiple Start Times
  • Central Control Capability

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