Control Only What You Need, When You Need It

There are plenty of residential property owners who use too much water trying to keep their landscape looking beautiful.

Sprinkler systems are much more efficient than any other form of watering. Instead of wasting water by hitting sidewalks instead of grass, they can put the water exactly where it is needed.

Save Water While Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

The benefits of saving on your water bill month-after-month will quickly outweigh the initial cost of your new sprinkler system.

The cost of a sprinkler system from Pro Outdoor pays for itself through lower water bills. By taking control of the amount of water necessary, you’ll be keeping your lawn and landscape green and fresh without spending more money.

Stop Wasting Water – And Money

Don’t only go by the amount of money that’s being charged on your water bill. Those bills contain charges for more than just the water being used, such as sewage.

To find the real cost savings of a sprinkler system, it’s best to check the water meter on the house. It’s easy to figure out the cost savings of an irrigation system:

  • Turn off all water, including inside your home
  • Mark down the current water meter reading
  • Turn on your irrigation system, or water your lawn for the typical length of time
  • Mark down the new meter reading
  • The difference between the first and second meter readings is the amount of water you are using to irrigate your lawn

An irrigation system provides efficient water balance that a hand held hose or sprinkler cannot.


Rain-Clik’s Quick Response™ Stops Irrigation the Instant Rain Starts to Fall

Most rain-sensing devices work by first accumulating a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated that interrupts the circuit from the controller and shuts off the system. In that “accumulation time”, the system will unnecessarily continue to water.

With built-in Quick Response technology, the Hunter Rain-Clik and Wireless Rain-Clik can command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain, saving you money and conserving water, which in the long run, reduces the sprinkler system’s cost.

  • Quick Response™ feature shuts the system off as soon as it starts raining
  • Maintenance-free design with 10-year battery life for Wireless Rain-Clik
  • Adjustable vent ring allows for setting of reset delay
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm
  • Rain-Clik includes 25′ of 20 AWG sheathed, two-conductor, UL-approved wire
  • Wireless unit available with 800 ft. range from wireless sensor to receiver
  • Warranty period: 5 years (10 year battery warranty for wireless model)
  • Compatible with most controllers

Solar Sync®

Smart Irrigation Control Made Simple

The Solar Sync ET sensor is an advanced weather sensor that calculates evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts Hunter controllers daily based on local weather conditions. Solar Sync measures sunlight and temperature, and uses ET sensors to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller.

The controller then uses its programmed run time and adjusts to Solar Sync’s seasonal adjustment value to modify the actual irrigation run time for that day.

  • Provides automated daily adjustment to program run times
  • Wired and wireless models available
  • No Water Window programming available (except X-Core)
  • Rain and freeze shutoff
  • Gutter mount bracket included
  • Warranty period: 5 years (10 year battery warranty for wireless model)

Saving Green. Conserving Blue.

Installing and maintaining residential and commercial sprinkler systems help avoid over-watering, which reduces water waste and eliminates runoff, ensuring a safe and healthy water supply for future generations.

Plus, you still get the head-turning, green grass that stays watered and healthy during the entire growing season for a beautiful landscape you can be proud of.

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