What to look for in your Irrigation Installation

There are several factors at play in determining the effectiveness of your irrigation system. You must consider the design of your system, the parts used, and the quality of the labor that puts it all together.

With planning that takes into account all of the different factors of your space (with considerations such as the slope, the ground coverage, and the amount of sun vs. shade in any given area) ensures that you’re not under-watering any areas of your landscaping, and that you’re also not paying for water that simply goes down the drain.

Taking advantage of the latest and best irrigation technology means that your equipment will be able to distribute water evenly to all of the places that need to be watered, and that you’ll have the maximum level of water efficiency in your irrigation system. It also means that your  warrantees will stand for something, and that the manufacturer stands behind their parts.

Finally, you want to make sure that the team that installs your system really cares about irrigation in general, and about your installation especially. Your investment in your lawn and gardens, as well as your investment in your new system should both be top of mind to the people who are making it happen for you. When their work is quality, your ground is disturbed as little as possible, and your high-quality parts are able to function at their greatest efficiency.

At Pro Outdoor, all three of these considerations are our top priorities. When you truly care about your space, you want to work with people that care just as much.

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