Top 8 Uses For a Frozen Lawn

Uh-oh! You forgot to get your irrigation system winterized!

You wake up one morning and you just know it. The chill of the hardwood floors on your feet, the patterns etched in frost on your windows, and the slight rattle of glass as the wind shakes the house.

Winter has arrived.

Too late, you run out of the house and into your yard, holding your bathrobe shut with one hand while keeping your balance as you skid barefoot out the patio door. The pain on your face is matched only by the destruction of your investment.

Your pipes have burst. It would have been so easy, but now you’re stuck with a frozen wasteland in what used to be your beautiful yard.

But fear not…we offer you:

The Top 8 things to Do in Your Newly Iced Yard!


  1. Ice Skating
    Once the standing water has frozen over the top of your grass, take the family out on your makeshift rink. The concessions are free, but watch out…there’s probably no rail.
  2. Build an Igloo
    What’s more fun than camping in the backyard? Camping in your own traditionally-crafted igloo! Keep an eye open for polar bears. They’re fierce.
  3. Go Ice Fishing
    It’s going to be a long weekend anyway. Don’t dwell on the downsides. Build yourself an ice-fishing hut, and see if you can catch any confused fish that happened to make it inland to your yard!
  4. Ice Carving
    Why not put all of
    that ice to use? Ice sculptures are great for parties, receptions, and showers…and if you get really good, you could even enter a competition!
  5. Build a Volleyball Court
    Now, this might be a pretty localized section of the public, but perhaps you have an excess of sand? What if we told you you could melt your ice today and prepare for some great times in the summer? Measure it out, spread that sand, and in a few months, put up a net. You’ll be reenacting your favorite Top Gun scene in no time.
  6. Curling
    More of a winter sport aficionado? Grab a broom and a turkey, and teach your family how to curl! 1.5 Million people in 34 countries can’t be wrong!
  7. Bobsled/Luge/Skeleton
    Perhaps you want something faster…more dangerous? Perhaps your property is on a hill? Then you’ll love building a bobsled track. Your ice-coated lawn won’t know what hit it as you barrel around corners at dangerous velocity. Luge and Skeleton are also very dangerous, but the danger increases the exhilaration!
  8. Build a Fortress of Solitude
    None of those things are appealing. You’re upset about your lawn, but you’re also exhausted after a day of saving the citizens of your world…again. Well, there’s one bright side. Until earth’s yellow sun melts the ice off of your destroyed property, you might consider one-upping the igloo idea, and building yourself a Fortress of Solitude. It’s everything a brooding hero needs to recharge for the work ahead.


But wait!

Maybe it hasn’t happened. Perhaps there’s still time.

If you’re not yet forced into one of the delightful activities listed above, you can act now and avoid the trouble!

If you’d rather spend your days sipping hot cocoa fireside than dreading the reconstruction of your landscaping in the spring, be sure to set your appointment today.

Otherwise, enjoy the volleyball court!

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