Tips on Keeping Your Yard Water-Smart

As Summer rolls into the dog-days, the Team here at Pro-Irrigation wanted to help you with some tips on using water management in maintaining a healthy lawn and garden.

  • Make your soil moisture friendly. Add compost to your soil and provide nutrients and retain water for healthy roots.
  • Cover it up. You can retain even more water (and fight weeds) by mulching your soil. Around trees and shrubbery, you’ll want to use a wood-type mulch, and more compost as mulch for your flowering areas. Your plants will thank you (and your weeds will hate you).
  • Pick the least thirsty plants. When possible, choose plants that use less water. The folks at your local nursery or your landscape designer can help you select plants that, once established, will be able to thrive during the drier summer months with a minimum of effort and water.
  • Group plants together. Again, use your landscape designer or the nursery staff to help you decide which plants to group together. When plants with similar hydration needs are growing side by side, your irrigation system doesn’t need to work as hard to decide where to put the water, and when. Your plants will be healthier as they are all receiving just the right amount of water.
  • Keep your lawn fluffy. Aerate periodically to avoid soil compaction. Compaction keeps the water from penetrating your soil and getting to the roots.
  • Mow higher. Raise your mower blades up to 1-2”. Mow regularly, and use a mulcher blade, which leave a nutrient-rich layer of free fertilizer (and keeps you from needing to bag the clippings).
  • Tune up your irrigation system. Eliminate waste and maximize efficiency by having your Pro Outdoor team come out for regular maintenance. With our summer specials, we’re making it easier than ever!

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