November Lawn Care

November is prime time for applying fertilizer to your lawn in preparation for Spring. Having fertilizer down during the winter months will promote your grass’ root development without excessive top growth. While the ground might be frozen, and your yard brown, there are still lots of things happening under the surface. Helping to grow this grass root system during the winter will help to keep your lawn healthy during the months of extreme heat.

November is also a great time to even out your lawn. This is the time you should be getting rid of any low lying areas, which will help prevent water settling in these areas. To do this you’ll need a shovel, and you want to use the shovel to remove some of the area around the low spot. The shovel should go about 2 inches into the ground, and this will assure you will bring up the grass as well as the grass roots. You will then want to fill in this area with new topsoil mixed with some of the soil you dug up with grass. You want to keep this area well watered for the next few weeks, until the grass begins to develop a root system in the area.

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