Leaving Winterization To The Pros

Now that the weather has started to get colder, you’re probably thinking about prepping your home for winter. On your list of things to do, you likely have things like: get the heater checked, stock up on rock salt, clean out the fireplace, and put plastic on the windows. Although all of these things are important, your sprinkler system needs to be prepped, too.

Pro Outdoor’s winterization service includes the blowout of all pipes and associated components with an air compressor. It’s important to let the professionals handle the service because you could find yourself in some cold water this winter if it’s not done right.

During the service, our trained professionals check for any repairs that need to be done to complete the service. These repairs might not be obvious to the untrained eye. Our highly skilled professionals carry a variety of repair parts with them, so if need be, your repair can likely be done on-site in the same appointment.

Save yourself headaches and trips to the hardware store this winter. Your irrigation system is an investment, so treat it like one. Let the professionals at Pro-Irrigation handle your winterization service. This is a service all clients need to have done.

Fall is also the perfect time to install a new sprinkler system. Schedule the service now and have one less thing to do come spring.

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