Take A Moment to Re-imagine Your Lawn

Your Lawn and Westward Expansion

Picture your lawn at its best. Maybe it’s not even its best today…picture your lawn they way you pictured it when you first moved in. Lush, verdant, and rife with possibility.

It’s the platonic ideal of a lawn: an expanse of deep green, trimmed to a uniform length, the tips of the grass blades gently shifting with the light breeze. You look out, and that land-locked sea seems to beg for a cookout, a garden, or a game of tag.

From the edge of your porch to the border at your fence, your yard is an adventure waiting to happen. An expedition into the wilderness surrounding your home.

Now, as you look out over your yard, this vast green territory, perspective begins to shift. You’re the master of your space, an explorer! You are Lewis & Clark, looking westward to untamed spaces and untold adventure.

Your yard is the frontier, and can be the source of excitement and joy for as long as you continue to think about it that way.

But Wait!

Lewis & Clark were more than just Lewis & Clark. It was them and over thirty other folks that helped to chart and capture the west. They planned ahead, they had support, and they knew that—even though they were capable and strong—they couldn’t succeed on their own. They needed a team.

Who’s Your Team?

A lot goes into establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawnscape: the layout, the landscaping and hardscaping, and the lighting, just to name a few. Then you have your maintenance concerns: seeding, aerating, fertilizing, mowing, and watering are just for starters!

But you already know that. You’re already lashing canoes to the wagons and embarking on your journey to a magnificent lawn. You’re ready for your team.

The Pro Outdoor family is ready, too! With years of servicing and building trust in your community, we’re the obvious choice to be on your crew. From installation to our Lawn Leaders maintenance plans, we know the lay of the land, we know what to expect, and we can’t wait to help you reach the frontier.

Contact Pro Outdoor today to sign up for the Lawn Leaders program, ensuring that your system is in perfect shape…for whatever adventures you might be planning.

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