What is Drip Irrigation

One of the most frequently asked questions about installing a new irrigation system is “will it help me save water?”

Irrigation systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to efficiently give your yard and landscaping the hydration it needs to survive – especially in this hot St. Louis summer. Water efficiency and growing lush landscaping is what drip irrigation systems are all about.

Drip irrigation is the process of delivering water in a slow and steady manner directly to the base of the plants. From the dripped lines, water is absorbed slowly into the soil and distributed evenly for optimal growth and health.

It ensures you avoid wasting water and money due to over spraying and evaporation. Drip irrigation makes sure the plants get the precise amount of water they need to remain healthy and beautiful.

When to use drip irrigation

Drip irrigation can be used in a variety of areas. You can efficiently water trees, large shrubs, flower beds, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and even plants on patios. It’s extremely effective in high wind areas since the water is delivered directly to the roots and won’t blow around your yard in the wind.

While sprinkler systems are typically about 75-85% efficient, drip systems are about 90% or higher. For this reason, drip irrigation is the most popular method in desert regions, where water is scarce, but it is useful anywhere else as well.

The benefits of installing a drip irrigation system
You can use a drip irrigation system in all kinds of landscaping – from your lawn to your garden. A drip irrigation is more efficient than any other form of watering, and you won’t accidentally water the sidewalk or miss patches of your grass.

You’ll get the balance and consistency your yard needs and that moveable sprinklers and hoses can’t give you. Automated irrigation systems take out most of the possibility for human error.

Water efficiency
The water is distributed slowly and exactly where it’s needed at the root.

Save money
Drip irrigation has less evaporation on the surface level of your landscape, which saves on your water bill.

Deter weed growth
The soil surface between plants remains drier, which discourages weed growth.

Environmentally friendly
Drip irrigation systems use between 30-50% less water than conventional watering methods.

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