Caring For Your Lawn This Fall

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop caring for your yard. In fact, you can do a few things this fall to get the most out of your irrigation system for the next season. Your yard and your wallet will thank you come spring.

Winterization: No one wants to deal with busted pipes during frigid winter months, so it’s important to winterize irrigation systems. All customers need to receive this service. The process involves blowing out all pipes and parts with an air compressor, which will keep you from getting any frozen pipes during the cold winter months. Winterization season starts September 15 and runs through around Thanksgiving.

We offer a service package in the early spring that includes Fall Winterization in addition to other services such as Spring Activation and a Backflow Preventer Test. Mark your calendar so you can take advantage of the deal next year if you haven’t already.

Read more about winterization and our other services here.

Installing a new irrigation system: Fall is a good time to re-establish your lawn. Take advantage of the mild weather from now until about the end of October and put in a new irrigation system. Re-establishing now will mean you’re ready to go come warmer weather. Installation only takes one day, so you’ll be on your way to conserving water and saving money in no time.

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