5 Reasons to Choose LED Lighting

The movement away from energy-guzzling incandescent light bulbs to Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is just one way … of providing products that use less electricity

-FX Luminaire website

There are many reasons (beauty, security, value, etc.) to hire a professional to complete the look of your property with a sell-designed outdoor lighting system. But what is the advantage to LED lighting over Halogen bulbs? Here are five great reasons to choose an LED system:

  1. LEDs are efficient – Using only approximately 20% of the power of their halogen counterparts, LED fixtures end up costing less, lasting longer, and being better for the environment.  
  2. LEDs are cool – With a lower energy consumption, heat sinks, and electronic sensors with smart technology, LEDs give off a minimal amount of heat, compared to their molten-hot cousins, again resulting in longer lamp and fixture life.  
  3. LEDs are consistent – With a wider energy consumption range and temperature variance, traditional bulbs often burn too brightly or not brightly enough. LED fixtures run at a consistent rate, and the smart technology ensures that power is distributed appropriately across the network, shining at the perfect level all the time…without elaborate and expensive cable and wire arrangements.  
  4. LEDs have longevity – Did you know that LED displays can burn for over 50,000 hours depending on how they are used? And even then, instead of popping into total darkness, LEDs will dim over time, allowing you to have your bulbs replaced at your convenience.  
  5. LEDs encourage artistry – The many LED lighting styles, lenses, and hardware options available, combined with your property’s landscaping, hardscaping, and natural features mean that a professional designer and installer have a wide canvas and a full pallet when it comes to painting your space with light. The low relative expense and the minimal wiring needs mean that it’s even easier to beautify, secure, and add value to your home.  

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