Landscape Maintenance

Landscape – Bed Maintenance Spring/Fall Clean Up

Removal of leaves and debris from beds and dispose of all debris.

Delivery and Installation of Mulch – Refresh

Delivery and installation of mulch in landscape beds.

Weed & Garden Maintenance

Removal of weeds and debris from all beds.

Ornamental Tree, Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Pruning or trimming of shrubs, hedges and ornamental trees up to 10 feet tall. Trimming of low branches. Remove and dispose of all debris.

Mulch Cultivation

Break up any existing compaction and rejuvenate the organic matter that exists in the mulch. Aesthetically, it will also bring the natural color back to the mulch creating an appearance of a freshly installed mulch application.

Landscape A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services: refers to any addition to the space that boosts the aesthetics, function and overall enjoyment of the outdoor area

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