Why Service Your System?

If there are any imperfections with the customer’s irrigation system, we will take care of any repairs necessary that day. We pride ourselves on a strong commitment to clients, and strive to exceed expectations through timeliness, friendliness, dependability and efficiency.

With the extreme St. Louis heat conditions, most grass yards are in need of re-hydration. We can install an irrigation system that will get your yard back to a beautiful, healthy state and keep it maintained at that level all summer. In only one day, we can install a minimally invasive irrigation system. Properly timed watering—included with each system—means homeowners never have to worry about over-watering and high water bills.

There are several reasons home and business owners should contact Pro Outdoor about installing a system this summer. Often, water is wasted by hitting sidewalks instead of grass. Irrigation systems are more efficient than any other form of watering because they put the exact amount of water where it is needed. An irrigation system from Pro Outdoor pays for itself through lower water costs. Water conservation, a focus point at Pro Outdoor, is regulated through ET control systems and rainwater harvesting.

Education on irrigation system products is also important to the Pro Outdoor team. Our clients will be guided through the entire installation and service process by a Professional Irrigation Professional.

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An irrigation system is the most efficient way to ensure your yard gets the hydration it needs, without over-watering. Irrigation systems are not only cost effective, they help to conserve water too. Pro Outdoor’s quick and non-invasive installations are a great way to get your lawn looking happy and healthy this summer! Give us a call today to get yours scheduled (636) 692-4441!


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